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Every drop counts

One percent here, one percent there; it soon adds up to a noticeable saving. This is the thinking behind our philosophy.

We are constantly scratching away, looking for new ways to make our trucks run further with less fuel and less impact on the environment and the bottom line.

It’s a long-term commitment and we will carry on working on improving fuel efficiency in all our products and services.

Because every drop counts.


Cut your fuel consumption with Fuel Advice

Fuel advice is the coaching service that never gives up. Once a driver has the knowledge to drive fuel efficiently the key to success is continuous follow-up.

Fuel advice helps do just that. With regular reports and personal analysis it’s easy to make sure that fuel economy is achieved over time.

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Stay on top of fuel efficiency

If you use Dynafleet together with Driver Development training you can save up to 5 percent fuel. Dynafleet gives you updated information about everything you need to know about your fleet, and Driver training helps drivers drive safer, smarter and using less fuel.

Dynafleet is now available in an app for your iPhone, so now you can access all that fleet information at any time.

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I-Shift – save fuel with maximum performance

I-Shift reduces fuel consumption by up to 3 percent compared with a manual gearbox. It is the most advanced solution on the market.

I-Shift knows how to get the most performance out of your truck since it keeps track of vehicle mass, road inclination, speed and acceleration.

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Cut through the wind with the Airflow package

The Airflow package can improve your fuel economy by as much as 10 percent. It reduces turbulence, minimises air resistance and deflects wind away from the trailer.

On top of lower fuels costs, CO2 emissions are of course reduced to the same degree.

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I-See - remembers to save you fuel

As soon as you start driving I-See can save up to 5 percent fuel. It remembers the roads you have travelled, and knows even those you haven’t. I-See uses information about topography to manage speed and gear changes with your fuel economy at heart.

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Driver development

“It’s about driving the same route, doing the same job, in the same time – only more efficiently.”

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Genuine Volvo Service

Maintaining a high-level of fuel efficiency comes down to good drivers and the support of a skilled crew of technicians – there to not only know your truck back to front, but to ensure you get the most out of it.

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