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Genuine Volvo Parts 

To get the uptime, reliability and performance you expect of a Volvo truck, accept nothing less than Genuine Volvo Parts. They’re designed to fit your truck perfectly. Manufactured to our uncompromising standards. And just like our trucks, they’re tested not only in our laboratories, but also in our extensive field test programs that cover a wide range of driving conditions – from arctic ice to desert heat. In other words, their quality is assured. And when installed by one of our authorized workshops, they also come with a 2-year fitted parts warranty. All to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Nunca estará lejos de las piezas de repuesto que necesita

Repuesto correcto. Lugar correcto. Momento correcto.

Con una red de talleres en 140 mercados en todo el mundo, nunca estará muy lejos de las piezas y los servicios que lo llevarán de vuelta al camino. Nuestros sistemas de logística avanzada también le garantizan que encontrará la pieza que necesita y que se le entregará con la eficiencia de Volvo.

Your uptime is our priority

Our 15-year parts supply promise

It doesn’t matter what Volvo truck you drive or when you bought it, your uptime is our priority. That’s why we continue to make and supply vital parts for at least 15 years after a model has ceased production.

Fitted parts warranty

Genuine Volvo Parts are backed by a 2-year fitted parts warranty. If a part fails during the first 2 years due to a warrantable defect we’ll cover the repair or replacement of the part. The full warranty applies when the work is carried out by an authorized Volvo workshop. It covers repair or replacement of parts. And even consequential damages.

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Find the perfect part

We manufacture and supply more than 100,000 Genuine Volvo Parts. And our parts catalogue makes it simple to find what you need.

Sea parte de ello

Repuestos genuinos Volvo, servicio experto e instaladores que lo hacen bien la primera vez. Todo comienza con su concesionario local de Volvo Trucks.